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First name Last name Full Name Practicing Email
Catherine Clissett Catherine Clissett Yes catherineclissett@hotmail.co.uk
Cathy Heath Cathy Heath Yes cathy.heath.dmp@gmail.com
Cecilia Willis Cecilia Willis Yes cclwillis@hotmail.co.uk
Chelsea Wallbank Chelsea Wallbank No chelsea250693@hotmail.com
Chin-Lien Hsu Chin-Lien Hsu Yes carrotsoup0518@gmail.com
Chloe De Sousa Chloe De Sousa No Chloedesousa@mac.com
Chloe Makris Chloe Makris No chloemakri@hotmail.com
Chloe Woodhouse Chloe Woodhouse Yes chloelw@hotmail.com
Christopher Buckley Christopher Buckley Yes cj_buckley@yahoo.com
Ciara Collins-Atkins Ciara Collins-Atkins No ciara.collins.atkins@gmail.com
Claire Harkin Claire Harkin No harks_c@hotmail.com
Colette Cordner Colette Cordner No colettecordner@hotmail.co.uk
Dagmara Rosiecka Dagmara Rosiecka Yes dagootek@yahoo.co.uk
Daniella Batham Daniella Batham No daniellabatham@hotmail.com
Daniella Budd Daniella Budd Yes danibudd@hotmail.co.uk
Danielle Dobson Knight Danielle Dobson Knight Yes 08004021@hope.ac.uk
Devika Mehta Devika Mehta Yes devika.mehta@hotmail.com
Diana Cheney Diana Cheney Yes cheneydiana@hotmail.com
Diana McKenzie Diana McKenzie No dianamckenzie79@gmail.com
Diana Richardson Diana Richardson No dianaemilyrichardson@gmail.com
Diane Parker Diane Parker Yes creativecoach@hotmail.com
Diane Reddington Diane Reddington Yes dianereddington@gmail.com
Doe Warnes Doe Warnes Yes doe.warnes@gmail.com
Dominique Bulgin Dominique Bulgin Yes dominiquebulgin@yahoo.co.uk
Heide Rogers Dr. Heide Rogers Yes heide_m_rogers@yahoo.com
Eamonn Haughey Eamonn Haughey Yes eamonnhaughey@blueyonder.co.uk
Eleonora Rudolf Orlowska Eleonora Rudolf Orlowska Yes eleonoraorlowska@yahoo.co.uk
Elisabeth Spight Elisabath Spight No elispi@web.de
Elisabeth Bodenstein Elisabeth Bodenstein Yes lbodenstein@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Casselton Elizabeth Casselton No elizabethcasselton@yahoo.co.uk
Displaying 31–60 of 264  1 2 3 4 8 9


The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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    27 Fairfield Park Road, Bath, BA1 6JP