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First name Last name Full Name Practicing Email
Katharina Eberle Katharina Eberle Yes eberle.katharina@gmail.com
Katherine Rothman Katherine Rothman No kitrothman@gmail.com
Kathryn Mitchell Kathryn Mitchell No kat104@hotmail.com
Katia Boyer Katia Boyer No katiaboyer@yahoo.com.au
Katy Hodge Katy Hodge Yes katyjhodge@gmail.com
Kelly Truscott Kelly Truscott No Kelly.truscott@hotmail.com
Kerstin Reutter Kerstin Reutter Yes reuttersun@web.de
Kevin Hughes Kevin Hughes No kh001@waitrose.com
Kiera Stevenson Kiera Stevenson Yes, No kiera_stevenson@outlook.com
Kimberley Pena Kimberley Pena Yes kimberley.pena@hotmail.co.uk
Kimberly Ryan Kimberly Ryan No kimberlyryandmp@gmail.com
Kyriaki Maraki Kyriaki Maraki No dominique.maraki@yahoo.com
Lada Koprivova Lada Koprivova Yes lada.koprivova@gmail.com
Lana de Meillon Lana de Meillon moving-matters@hotmail.co.uk
Laura Chiabolotti Laura Chiabolotti No laurachiabo@gmail.com
Lauren Pickering Lauren Pickering No LKPickering@gmail.com
Leah Crowe Leah Crowe Yes leahgcrowe@hotmail.com
Leanne McCaughey Leanne McCaughey Yes leannemccaughhey@hotmail.co.uk
Leila Newman Leila Newman No Leila_newman@hotmail.com
Lesley Craigie Lesley Craigie Yes craigielesley4@hotmail.com
Lianne Dixon Lianne Dixon No liane.p.dixon@live.co.uk
Lilly Wu Lilly Wu No wulilly@hotmail.com
Linda Chan Linda Chan Yes lindachan2008@yahoo.co.uk
Lootie Johansen-Bibby Lootie Johansen-Bibby Yes lootiebibby@hotmail.com
Louise McAlister Louise McAlister Yes louisemac1@virginmedia.com
Lucy Burrows Lucy Burrows Yes burrowsl@hotmail.co.uk
Lucy Goodison Lucy Goodison No lgoodison@yahoo.co.uk
Luke Stevenson Luke Stevenson Yes lukewstevenson@gmail.com
Lynnette King Lynnette King Yes lynnetteking@rocketmail.com
Mahisha Naidu Mahisha Naidu Yes mahishal@buffalo.edu
Displaying 121–150 of 262  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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    27 Fairfield Park Road, Bath, BA1 6JP