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First name Last name Full Name Practicing Email
Mairi Tsiatsouli Mairi Tsiatsouli Yes mtsiatsouli@gmail.com
Malgorzata Abramowska Malgorzata Abramowska No dmpm.uk@gmail.com
Man Yi Tsang Man Yi Tsang No man.yi.tsang.dmp@gmail.com
Marcella Purnell Marcella Purnell Yes marcellapurnell@aol.com
Mari Sasayama-Hastings Mari Sasayama-Hastings Yes marimari88@hotmail.com
Maria Antoniou Maria Antoniou Yes antoniou.maria89@gmail.com
Maria Charalambous Maria Charalambous Yes maria_charalampous@hotmail.com
Maria Valdivia Maria Valdivia Yes palomavaldivia@hotmail.com
Maria-Sandra Brauberger Maria-Sandra Brauberger No lovehealrespect@yahoo.com
Mariam Mchitarian Mariam Mchitarian No mariam_cy@hotmail.co.uk
Mariana Bautista Medina Mariana Bautista Medina No mariana.bautist@gmail.com
Marina Benini Marina Benini Yes mbenini@hotmail.com
Marina Rova Marina Rova Yes rova.marina@gmail.com
Martina Vávrová Martina Vávrová Yes vavrova.mv@gmail.com
Mary Coaten Mary Coaten Yes marycoaten@hotmail.co.uk
Maura Hamer Maura Hamer Yes maurahamer@gmail.com
Maureen Campbell Maureen Campbell Yes mhc.dance4change@hotmail.co.uk
Maya Cockburn Maya Cockburn Yes mayacockburn@googlemail.com
Megham Thom Megham Thom No meghan.thom@gmail.com
Meghan Williams Meghan Williams No meganwilliams92@icloud.com
Melanie Mitchell Melanie Mitchell Yes integrationcounselling@gmail.com
Mette Rasmussen Mette Rasmussen Yes info@bossaviva.com
Mhari Baxter Mhari Baxter Yes mhari.baxter@gmail.com
Michaella Sandor-Eroglu Michaella Sandor-Eroglu Yes info@michaellabellydance.co.uk
Michela Reghellin Michela Reghellin No m.reghellin@gmail.com
Michelle Cottrell Michelle Cottrell No michelle_cottrel@hotmail.com
Michelle McMorrow Michelle McMorrow Yes michgmcm@gmail.com
Mihaela Baduta Popp Mihaela Baduta Popp Yes michaella.popp@gmail.com
Millie Light Millie Light Yes millielight.dmp@gmail.com
Mioi Nakayama-Forster Mioi Nakayama-Forster Yes mioinakayama.dmp@gmail.com
Displaying 151–180 of 262  1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9


The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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    27 Fairfield Park Road, Bath, BA1 6JP