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First name Last name Full Name Practicing Email
Rocio Ayala Gonzalez Rocio Ayala Gonzalez Yes rocayaglez@gmail.com
Rosalind Howell Rosalind Howell Yes rosalindhowell@hotmail.com
Roxanne Bottrill Roxanne Bottrill No rhbottrill@tiscali.co.uk
Ruby Worth Ruby Worth Yes ruby.worth@googlemail.com
Ruiyao Ding Ruiyao Ding No rhea.ding@yahoo.com
Ruth Massie Ruth Massie No ruthmassie@hotmail.com
Ruth Quill Ruth Quill No ruthquill@hotmail.com
Sally Trask Sally Trask Yes sally@sallytrask.com
Sallyann Reid Sallyann Reid No sallytreid@gmail.com
Samantha Goulding Samantha Goulding Yes sami.goulding@live.com
Samina Ali Samina Ali No saminaali78@btinternet.com
Samuel Mbogo Samuel Mbogo Yes mbogo22b@yahoo.co.uk
Sara Owen Sara Owen Yes saraowen3@gmail.com
Sarah Boreham Sarah Boreham Yes sarahboreham85@hotmail.com
Sarah Gawn Sarah Gawn Yes sarahgawn@hotmail.com
Sarah Haddow Sarah Haddow Yes bodyechodance@hotmail.com
Sarah Nelson Sarah Nelson Yes tatjananelson@gmail.com
Sarah Norris Sarah Norris Yes sarahnorris-dmp@hotmail.com
Sarah Williams Sarah Williams Yes sarahwilliamsdmp@gmail.com
Shan Chan Shan Chan Yes arshan0302@gmail.com
Sharon Simpson Sharon Simpson Yes sharondsimpson@yahoo.com
Shirley Mawer Shirley Mawer Yes shirleymawer@hotmail.com
Shyama Scheuch Shyama Scheuch Yes shyamadance8@gmail.com
Silia Rafti Silia Rafti Yes silioula@hotmail.com
Sintija Zadovska Sintija Zadovska No sintija.zadovska@gmail.com
Sophie Rogers Sophie Rogers Yes playfulbones@gmail.com
Sotira Strempa Sotira Strempa No strebir@yahoo.gr
Stefania Basini-Gazzi Stefania Basini-Gazzi No sbasini@hotmail.com
Stella Eftychiou Stella Eftychiou Yes amelie_fula@hotmail.com
Stephen Mulley Stephen Mulley stephen.mulley@gmail.com
Displaying 211–240 of 263  1 2 6 7 8 9


The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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    27 Fairfield Park Road, Bath, BA1 6JP