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First name Last name Full Name Practicing Email
Danielle Dobson Knight Danielle Dobson Knight Yes 08004021@hope.ac.uk
Archana Ballal Archana Ballal No A_ballal@hotmail.com
Akiko Kaji Akiko Kaji No akikokaji3@aol.com
Stamatia-Alexia Gaitanou Alexia Gaitanou Yes alexiamag@hotmail.com
Allyson Vuli Allyson Vuli Yes allyvuli@gmail.com
Amelia Sommers Amelia Sommers Yes amelia_sommers@hotmail.com
Stella Eftychiou Stella Eftychiou Yes amelie_fula@hotmail.com
Monica Osorio Malfitano Monica Osorio Malfitano No amoonas@gmail.com
Amy Lazarou Amy Lazarou Yes amylazarou@gmail.com
Ana Jorge Ana Jorge Yes anajo1@gmail.com
Anastasia Foulouli Anastasia Foulouli No anastasia.foulouli@gmail.com
Andria Papanicolaou Andria Papanicolaou Yes andria20pap@hotmail.com
Androniki Sofianopoulou Androniki Sofianopoulou No andronikisof@gmail.com
Angela Genetti Angela Genetti Yes angela.genetti@hotmail.co.uk
Anna Nizio Anna Nizio Yes anianizio@hotmail.com
Anna Hasso de Romero (nee Hasso-Agopsowicz) Anna Hasso de Romero Yes anna.hasso@gmail.com
Anna Wood Anna Wood Yes anna_wood@hotmail.co.uk
Annemarie Bos Annemarie Bos No annemariebos@yahoo.com
Maria Antoniou Maria Antoniou Yes antoniou.maria89@gmail.com
Shan Chan Shan Chan Yes arshan0302@gmail.com
Ayaka Furukawa Ayaka Furukawa No ayaka_ki_mitturu@hotmail.com
Ayaka Takai Ayaka Takai Yes aykolour_dance@hotmail.com
Barbara Christians Barbara Christians No barbara.christians@gmail.com
Barbara Erber Barbara Erber Yes barbara.erber@gmail.com
Barbara Wesolowska Barbara Wesolowska Yes barrwa@gmail.com
Rebecca Jordan Rebecca Jordan Yes becjor7@aol.com
Vasiliki Litrokapi Vasiliki Litrokapi Yes bettyballet@hotmail.com
Sarah Haddow Sarah Haddow Yes bodyechodance@hotmail.com
Jane Botham Jane Botham Yes bothamjane@aol.com
Bridget Poulter Bridget Poulter Yes bridget.poulter@ntlworld.com
Displaying 1–30 of 264 1 2 3 8 9


The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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