About Us


  • Belief that bodily knowledge is core to therapeutic change within an interactive relationship
  • Experiential movement-based work in a contained relational process is transformative for clients, therapists, students, supervisees and other professionals
  • Respecting the uniqueness and creative capacity of each individual.


  • To uphold the professional standards within the profession of Dance Movement Psychotherapy and oversee the professional codes of conduct for the profession
  • To support the development of Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the UK and internationally
  • To provide a national resource for members of ADMP
  • To foster communication among Dance Movement Psychotherapists
  • To collaborate and make links with other arts therapy and psychotherapy organisations both in the UK and internationally in order to create forums for discussion and shared learning and to further develop the profession of DMP in the UK.


  • To maintain and make available to the public Professional Registers of Dance Movement Psychotherapy Clinicians and Clinical Supervisors
  • To provide criteria and guidelines for the practice of DMP in the UK
  • To provide criteria and guidelines for the accreditation of DMP programmes in the UK
  • To provide information on pre- and post-qualifying training courses and promote opportunities for professional development
  • To encourage and support research and publications in DMP
  • To organise regular conferences to provide a forum for discussion, exchange of skills and ideas, and continuing professional development.


The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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    22 Church Road, Weston, Bath BA1 4BT