2017 Dance Movement Psychotherapy workshops

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Please see below for more information from RDMPs offering CPD opportunities during 2017


Post EGM - CPD event 8th April 2017

This CPD event covers the use of Laban Movement Analysis in professional situations to help substantiate our findings in the workplace and is being led by Meghan Slade. A contribution towards the costs of the event is being requested at £25 for RDMPs and £10 for students,


BOOKING a place is essential:

Please follow the link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/laban-movement-analysis-cpd-with-meghan-slade-tickets-31830069595

How can LMA be used to communicate our work and evidence outcomes within Education, Health and Social Care?

This CPD workshop will review the four pillars of LMA: Body, Effort, Shape, Space, as well as the effort elements: Weight, Space, Time and Flow; and then proceed to explore how we can use these to substantiate our findings and communicate effectively with other health professionals to positively impact upon the reception of DMP in the professional sphere.

For more information please see attached LMA Workshop ADMP 08.03.17 Meghan Slade.docx

Workshops with Helen Payne

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Training as a Group Facilitator in The BodyMind Approach (TBMA) for patients with chronic somatised conditions


Venue: The Empty Studio, The Poplars, Redhill, Rushden, Herts SG9 0TH UK

20-21 Jan 2017 (Fri-Sat) The BodyMind Approach to the treatment of medically unexplained symptoms (introduction) A BACP endorsed CPD course

3-4 March (Fri-Sat) The BodyMind Approach to the treatment of medically unexplained symptoms (follow up) A BACP endorsed CPD course

28-29 April (Fri/Sat) The BodyMind Approach to the treatment of medically unexplained symptoms (introduction) A BACP endorsed CPD course

2-3 June (Fri/Sat) The BodyMind Approach to the treatment of medically unexplained symptoms (follow up) A BACP endorsed CPD course

4-8 September  ‘The Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreat’ 


13-14 Oct (Fri/Sat) The BodyMind Approach to the treatment of medically unexplained symptoms (introduction) A BACP endorsed CPD course

24-25 Nov (Fri/Sat) The BodyMind Approach to the treatment of medically unexplained symptoms (follow up) A BACP endorsed CPD course




The Empty Studio

Authentic Movement: Embodied Empathy

Intensive Retreat Monday 4 Sept - Friday 8 Sept 2017

                        Professor Helen Payne, PhD

UKCP accredited psychotherapist; MBACP; ADMP UK Snr. Reg. movement psychotherapist. Helen is one of the leading international experts in the field of Body/Movement Psychotherapy. 

Authentic Movement (AM) will be the method used during this intensive. Pioneered by Mary Starks Whitehouse in California, AM enables a direct connection to the depths of our unconscious, accessing the rich resources of our intuitive wisdom expressed through the embodied word, image, sensation and relationship as well as through natural, rejuvenating movement. Founded on Jung’s concept of the active imagination and the collective unconscious, authentic movement also derives from dance movement therapy, play therapy, groupwork and spiritual practice where symbolic meaning is seen in physical expression. As practised with Helen it has a safe, self-directed, non-judgemental and empathic framework. Participants learn to dwell more easily in their bodies, and to engage creatively with a direct experience of the self beyond words and concepts. It can assist in developing body awareness, body-mind-spirit connections and kinetic meditation where mindfulness is crucial to practice. The roles of witness and mover are explored in dyadic, triadic and group formations with the four phase process. The retreat will provide ritual, witnessing and movement experiences, silence, verbal and symbolic reflective processes, as well as small teaching seminars. Due to the environment we will explore participatory consciousness which can emerge through engaging in authentic movement in relationship with all aspects of the sentient world.  Be inspired in a setting with wildlife up close, beautiful landscapes, places to explore, good food and friendly faces. Studio sessions will be interspersed with reflection time in silence, opportunities to experience nature and artwork periods. Seminars will address questions arising from your explorations in studio time as well as those relevant to your professional practice.

Who Can Apply?

This intensive is for practitioners qualified in counselling/psychotherapy or the arts therapies with substantial personal therapy. If your background is outside these areas please contact Helen to discuss the suitability of the course for you.  No experience in dance is required. You will need an aspiration to inhabit your body more fully and to re-discover your authentic nature through bridging psyche, soma and spirit. This is suitable for both beginners and those experienced in Authentic Movement. Some applicants participate regularly for on-going training, some for personal development, whilst some are new to the circles.

Times: 4.00pm, Monday 4 September 2017 -11.00am Friday 8 September 2017

Equipment: Bring backjack to sit on if required, notebook/journal and art materials.

Language: It is expected that all participants will have a working knowledge of English. Location: We gather in the beautiful countryside at the Empty Studio, SG9 0TH Hertfordshire, UK. Stansted/Luton airports nearby, close road/rail from London then taxi.

Accommodation: B&B/hotel nearest town or, to keep costs to a minimum, we can offer basic camping/very, very basic caravan-type accommodation on site (not a campsite/no indoor shower) price to include breakfasts/tea/coffee (see details on booking form). Please respect the venue is a family home which also keeps costs down considerably. 3 lunches included in fee. Pub nearby for evening meal.

Tuition Fee: 500.00 GBP (but see discounts) inclusive of home cooked lunches and refreshments. Deposit 50 GBP and accommodation costs due by 20 August 2017 Application process:  Complete the booking form and the in-depth application form and send with deposit to H.L.Payne@herts.ac.uk Questions? Call 00 44 (0)1763 288592/07702314981.          

The Trainer: Helen helped to pioneer the development of dance movement psychotherapy in the UK, is the first Fellow, and Senior Reg. Member, ADMT.UK. She has been working as a psychotherapist (UKCP Reg.) since 1990 and as a trainer and researcher for over three decades both in clinical and private practice. She has published widely in the field, in seven languages, was previously Head of Counselling and is now a Professor of Psychotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire, UK where she supervises PhD candidates and teaches embodied practice. Her clinical experience with young offenders, children with autism and emotional/learning difficulties together with her research projects has influenced her approach.  She first discovered Authentic Movement in 1979 with Mary Whitehouse, since then studied for seven years with Dr Janet Adler and has her permission to teach the discipline. She is trained in Person-Centred Counselling and Group Analysis. This together with experience of practice-based research Laban Dance/Analysis, Buddhist meditation, Analytical Psychology, Process-work, and Shamanism helps her to provide a safe, creative and transformative environment. She is the MD and Clinical Director for the University spin-out company www.pathways2wellbeing.com

 The Empty Studio

 Authentic Movement: Embodied Empathy

Professor Helen Payne

       UKCP accredited psychotherapist; MBACP; ADMP.UK; Helen is one of the leading international experts in the field of Embodied Psychotherapy.

When:          16, 17, 18 June 2017   Friday - 2.15pm-6.15pm, Saturday - 9.00am-5.15pm,  Sunday - 9.00am-5.15pm

 Place:          The Empty Studio, The Poplars, Redhill, Rushden, Herts SG9 0TH, UK

Cost:            £285.00 including home cooked lunch/refreshments (discounts for unemployed/students/ADMP UK/EADMT and UKAHPP)

 Who is this programme for?

This programme is open to those new to the discipline of working with the embodied mind, as well as those familiar with this way of working in counselling/psychotherapy. Professionals in mental health services together with those wishing to experience this way of working for their own personal development will also benefit from the course. Applications are open to practitioners trained and qualified in the arts therapies or counselling/psychotherapy and those with substantial personal therapy experience. If your background is outside these areas please contact us to discuss the suitability of the programme for you. A commitment to attend all sessions is required.

 What does the programme cover?

In authentic movement our experience of one another develops within deep embodied empathy. There is a rhythmic dance arising out of the experience which resonates in our bodies in the present moment and beyond it. This embodied empathy is crucial for transformational learning enhancing our being in the ‘here-and-now’ Participants will learn to engage with this direct experience of embodied empathy, beyond words and concepts through their own and others authentic bodily movement.

  • There will be an exploration of body awareness, body-mind-spirit connections and kinetic meditation where mindfulness is crucial to practice.
  • There will be an exploration of body awareness, body-mind-spirit connections and kinetic meditation where mindfulness is crucial to practice.
  • Mindful movement, in gesture and posture, sometimes with closed eyes as in ‘Authentic Movement’ will be core to the programme.
  • The roles of witness and mover will be explored in dyads, triads and groups to include the four phases of processing.
  • The programme will honour a non-judgemental ethos and provide both witnessing and movement experiences, verbal and symbolic reflective processes, as well as small teaching seminars
  • Be inspired in a setting with wildlife up close, beautiful landscapes, places to explore, good food and friendly faces

NB: Deadline for bookings: 3 weeks prior to start of course Bring art materials/cushion. 14 Hours certified CPD. For further information, accommodation/transport, booking form, reservations: email H.L.Payne@herts.ac.uk  telephone   00 44 (0)1763 288592. Dog/cat has been in the house. Dietary needs welcomed.

Awareness in Therapy

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A cycle of four educational and developmental workshops for Art's Therapist, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Students who are interested in body – orientated approach in therapeutic process.

Facilitated by: Agnieszka Lugierska – Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

VENUE: St Margaret’s House, Room G5, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

CONTACT: Barbara Wesolowska – organisation & language support (Facilitator speaks English & Polish)
workshop.therapy@gmail.com, 0751 437 84 28

WORKSHOP IV - Ethics, Hygiene and Self-discipline in Therapeutic Work – SAT 28 Jan 2017, 10am-6pm

WORKSHOP IV - Ethics, Hygiene and Self-discipline in Therapeutic Work

How does your daily life influence your therapeutic work? And how this work shapes your daily life?

The workshops focus on the therapeutic work in terms of healthy practice. It is an opportunity to learn the essential tools to maintain good practice and allow deeper connection with yourself and clients. There will be ‘Three, Two, One Process’ introduced to support self-reflection. There will be ethical subject covered, such as; Moral Terms Definition, Lack of Ethical Clarity, The Three Truths and Values in The Practice


Individual workshop

Walk of Life

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Non-stylised and Environmental Movement Workshops

with Helen Poynor in the inspiring landscapes of the Jurassic Coast

New Training Programme in

Non-stylised and Environmental Movement March – October 2017

Three 5 day intensive sessions in spring, summer and autumn in the inspiring landscapes of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, UK, combined with ongoing personal practice.   Grounded in an experiential understanding of the structure of the body and of the responsive inter-relationship between body, earth, self and environment.  Extend your movement experience, refresh your professional practice

A minimum of 4 days non-stylised and environmental movement practice with Helen is required.  See website for details or phone for a brochure.

   All workshops include moving in the studio and in the natural environment.
www.walkoflife.co.uk Tel: 01297 680155


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with Linda Hartley


Authentic Movement and the Art of Witnessing

12-16 August 2017, North Norfolk


In this contemplative and transformative practice, we awaken the wisdom of the body as the relationship between movers and witnesses is explored. Creating a safe space in which unconscious material can arise and be integrated, both mover and witness learn to become present to their embodied experience so that clarity within their relationship to self and other grows.


This non-residential retreat will offer a space to explore and deepen your own movement practice, and introduce the discipline of witnessing another.


The retreat is open to those new to Authentic Movement as well as those with some experience; please apply with details of any previous relevant experience.


Cost: £375, includes lunches

Venue: Kelling, North Norfolk






Authentic Movement Annual Summer Retreat

23-27 August 2017, North Norfolk


For those who have studied with Linda or other teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, and are familiar with the practice of witnessing through the channels of movement, sensation, emotion and image. In addition to deepening your own movement process and refining witnessing skills, we will explore forms which enable the experience and exploration of the Collective Body and Authentic Movement as Spiritual Practice. The relationship between movement and language in both speaking and writing will be an integral part of this exploration.


If you have not studied Authentic Movement with Linda before, please apply with details of previous relevant experience and a reference from your primary Authentic Movement teacher.


Cost: £375, includes lunches

Venue: Kelling, North Norfolk


For further details and registration for both non-residential retreats, please contact:

red@redjam.com Tel: 07768 364 697 www.lindahartley.co.uk






Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreat

17-21 July 2017, Suffolk



Linda is a faculty member of Circles of Four, a path of preparation to teach the Discipline of Authentic Movement initiated by Janet Adler (www.disciplineofauthenticmovement.com). Linda will be offering a residential retreat this July for experienced Authentic Movement practitioners who have an interest in exploring the Discipline of Authentic Movement as spiritual practice. This year’s retreat is currently full, but please contact us if you are interested in applying for a retreat in future years.


red@redjam.com            www.lindahartley.co.uk









The Embodiment of Spirit –

An Embryological Journey


15-18th September 2017 – near Cambridge, UK


A 4-day workshop for practitioners and students in the somatic, psychological and arts therapies, education and related professions. It can be taken alone or as part of Module 5 of the IBMT Diploma Programme: Somatic Psychology.


During the first few weeks of life the embryo undergoes the most extraordinary process of development. Nothing that we will later be or do has not already been experienced, in emerging and embryonic form, during this time.


This workshop will address some key moments, from conception through the first few weeks of embryological life, drawing upon principles of Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement, and Somatic Psychology. Through movement and body meditations we will explore the embodiment of cells, membranes, tissues and fluids, engaging with the unfolding of form through which the embryonic sense of self begins to emerge.


In the exquisite details of embryonic shape-shifting, we see how one of the first tasks of life is to secure protection and nourishment – a container within which to grow. As we embody this dance of forming both our self and our container, we might discover something of the roots of our attachment, or relational patterns.


Asking what embodiment means to us as human beings, we will consider how the human embryo embodies spirit. The embryo teaches us that all growth involves the integration of polarities, and the particular journey that the human embryo moves through invites a unique integration of matter and spirit.


As we embody our embryonic origins, we may return to places of wholeness, prior to later disruptions of self. This workshop will support connection to experiences of nourishment and resource within our early development.


Cost: £312.50

Venue: Ashdon, near Cambridge, UK






Somatic Psychology


Near Cambridge, UK


From September 2017 - May 2018 Linda will offer a 16-day course (including Embodiment of Spirit) for professionals and students of somatic practices, dance movement therapy, and related disciplines. It forms part of the IBMT Diploma Programme, but can also be taken alone as continued professional development.


In our work with the body we experience the deep interrelationship between soma, psyche and spirit. Somatic Psychology seeks to give language and meaning to the fluid and organic experiences of somatic process, enabling us to dialogue and interact meaningfully with material arising from the unconscious in bodywork and movement therapy practice.


This module will explore:

  • embryology and the roots of the sense of self and attachment patterns
  • psychological models emerging out of somatic and perinatal process, including both theory and practice
  • the role of the therapist and their embodied presence in relationship to the client, including basic skills of listening, supporting, witnessing, containing, processing and integrating


Further details


info@ibmt.co.uk            www.ibmt.co.uk         +44 7768 364697


The Discipline Of Authentic Movement Groups And Retreats

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The practice that I teach, which Janet Adler calls the Discipline of Authentic Movement, is deeply informed by her focus on the evolving development of consciousness – referred to as the inner witness -- through attentive awareness of the embodied experience of our physical beings.

The work is based in the relationship between the mover and the witness. The mover, with eyes closed, listens inwardly to impulses arising, allowing them to unfold in and through the body, surrendering to not knowing what will emerge, surrendering to trust in all that her body knows. The witness also attends to the feelings that arise as she sees the mover, her own embodied experience closely accompanying that of the mover. Afterwards they speak together, bringing their two experiences into consciousness and into relationship.

The open-hearted, attentive presence of the external witness allows the mover to feel utterly seen, without judgment, and enables a loosening of the grip of old stories, of the wounds of personal history, of the habitual beliefs that restrict us to a limited experience of ourselves. As the processes sourced in personal psychological history find form again and again in movement patterns, there is the opportunity for integration and healing. In time the mover’s inner witness evolves towards a similar non-judging self-acceptance as that of the external witness, expanding into a much more spacious quality of awareness that can embrace the wholeness of being. And the mover opens to the possibility of moments of ‘direct experience’ when her experience may widen beyond the personal, expanding into a transpersonal realm of boundless being.

Throughout this practice we work with rigour to find language that stays as close to our experience as possible, seeking words that speak directly from experience rather than speak about it. Narratives, interpretations, even images are no longer needed if we are able to stay with what is happening in the moment, to allow our body --– in its many dimensions of experience -- to speak for itself.

There are various opportunities for study of the discipline: Monthly groups meet on Tuesdays, Thursday evenings and Sundays.  Individual study is available either on a regular basis or for several intensive days at a time. All of the above take place in Fran’s studio in Penicuik, close to Edinburgh.

Many therapists and others engaged in relationship-based work find that this practice helps to cultivate clarity in their therapeutic presence, enabling greater awareness of how projections and interpretations may obscure clear seeing of the other and enhancing their ability to attend to embodied detail.

For those interested in teaching the Discipline of Authentic Movement – the practice developed by Janet Adler -- individual work with a member of the faculty is an essential prerequisite in order to embark, when ready, on the Circles of Four preparation programme. www.disciplineofauthenticmovement.com

Please contact Fran for more details about any of the study possibilities.
01968 676461


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