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with Linda Hartley


Authentic Movement and the Art of Witnessing

12-16 August 2017, North Norfolk


In this contemplative and transformative practice, we awaken the wisdom of the body as the relationship between movers and witnesses is explored. Creating a safe space in which unconscious material can arise and be integrated, both mover and witness learn to become present to their embodied experience so that clarity within their relationship to self and other grows.


This non-residential retreat will offer a space to explore and deepen your own movement practice, and introduce the discipline of witnessing another.


The retreat is open to those new to Authentic Movement as well as those with some experience; please apply with details of any previous relevant experience.


Cost: £375, includes lunches

Venue: Kelling, North Norfolk






Authentic Movement Annual Summer Retreat

23-27 August 2017, North Norfolk


For those who have studied with Linda or other teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, and are familiar with the practice of witnessing through the channels of movement, sensation, emotion and image. In addition to deepening your own movement process and refining witnessing skills, we will explore forms which enable the experience and exploration of the Collective Body and Authentic Movement as Spiritual Practice. The relationship between movement and language in both speaking and writing will be an integral part of this exploration.


If you have not studied Authentic Movement with Linda before, please apply with details of previous relevant experience and a reference from your primary Authentic Movement teacher.


Cost: £375, includes lunches

Venue: Kelling, North Norfolk


For further details and registration for both non-residential retreats, please contact: Tel: 07768 364 697






Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreat

17-21 July 2017, Suffolk



Linda is a faculty member of Circles of Four, a path of preparation to teach the Discipline of Authentic Movement initiated by Janet Adler ( Linda will be offering a residential retreat this July for experienced Authentic Movement practitioners who have an interest in exploring the Discipline of Authentic Movement as spiritual practice. This year’s retreat is currently full, but please contact us if you are interested in applying for a retreat in future years.  









The Embodiment of Spirit –

An Embryological Journey


15-18th September 2017 – near Cambridge, UK


A 4-day workshop for practitioners and students in the somatic, psychological and arts therapies, education and related professions. It can be taken alone or as part of Module 5 of the IBMT Diploma Programme: Somatic Psychology.


During the first few weeks of life the embryo undergoes the most extraordinary process of development. Nothing that we will later be or do has not already been experienced, in emerging and embryonic form, during this time.


This workshop will address some key moments, from conception through the first few weeks of embryological life, drawing upon principles of Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement, and Somatic Psychology. Through movement and body meditations we will explore the embodiment of cells, membranes, tissues and fluids, engaging with the unfolding of form through which the embryonic sense of self begins to emerge.


In the exquisite details of embryonic shape-shifting, we see how one of the first tasks of life is to secure protection and nourishment – a container within which to grow. As we embody this dance of forming both our self and our container, we might discover something of the roots of our attachment, or relational patterns.


Asking what embodiment means to us as human beings, we will consider how the human embryo embodies spirit. The embryo teaches us that all growth involves the integration of polarities, and the particular journey that the human embryo moves through invites a unique integration of matter and spirit.


As we embody our embryonic origins, we may return to places of wholeness, prior to later disruptions of self. This workshop will support connection to experiences of nourishment and resource within our early development.


Cost: £312.50

Venue: Ashdon, near Cambridge, UK






Somatic Psychology


Near Cambridge, UK


From September 2017 - May 2018 Linda will offer a 16-day course (including Embodiment of Spirit) for professionals and students of somatic practices, dance movement therapy, and related disciplines. It forms part of the IBMT Diploma Programme, but can also be taken alone as continued professional development.


In our work with the body we experience the deep interrelationship between soma, psyche and spirit. Somatic Psychology seeks to give language and meaning to the fluid and organic experiences of somatic process, enabling us to dialogue and interact meaningfully with material arising from the unconscious in bodywork and movement therapy practice.


This module will explore:

  • embryology and the roots of the sense of self and attachment patterns
  • psychological models emerging out of somatic and perinatal process, including both theory and practice
  • the role of the therapist and their embodied presence in relationship to the client, including basic skills of listening, supporting, witnessing, containing, processing and integrating


Further details           +44 7768 364697



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