List of registered professionals (RDMPs)

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Currently practising

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Full Name Practicing Professional Register
Malgorzata Abramowska RDMP
Beatrice Allegranti Yes Private, Supervisor, RDMP
Kelly Androna Yes RDMP
Anna Annes Yes RDMP
Christina Argyropoulou Yes Private, RDMP
Eveline Nicolette Yes RDMP
Foteini Athanasiadou Yes RDMP
Rocio Ayala Gonzalez RDMP
Allison Bakari-Singer Yes Private, Supervisor, RDMP
Rupa Balaguru RDMP
Lottie Ball Yes RDMP
Archana Ballal Yes RDMP
Sara Bannerman-Haig Yes Private, Supervisor, RDMP
Goretti Barjacoba-Souto Yes RDMP
Friederike Maria-Sophie Barthel RDMP
Stefania Basini-Gazzi RDMP
Dawn Batcup Yes Private, Supervisor, RDMP
Mariana Bautista Medina Yes RDMP
Mhari Baxter Yes RDMP
Ella Beard Yes RDMP
Gemma Benefield Yes RDMP
Marina Benini Yes RDMP
ekin bernay Yes RDMP
Penelope Best Yes Private, Supervisor, RDMP
Rashi Bijlani Yes RDMP
Sam Bloomfield Yes RDMP
Lisa Bodenstein Yes RDMP
Sarah Boreham Yes Private, RDMP
Annemarie Bos Yes RDMP
Sume Botha Yes RDMP
Displaying 1–30 of 340 1 2 3 11 12


The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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