List of registered professionals (RDMPs)

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Currently practising

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Full Name Practicing
Ayaka Takai Yes
Barbara Erber Yes
Barbara Wesolowska Yes
Batel Magen Yes
Beatrice Allegranti Yes
Bethan Manford Yes
Bonnie Meekums Yes
Brenda Naso Yes
Bridget Poulter Yes
Carly Brain Yes
Carly Marchant Yes
Caroline Frizell Yes
Caroline Frizell Yes
Carolyn Fresquez Yes
Catherine Brown Yes
Catherine Clissett Yes
Cathy Heath Yes
Cecilia Willis Yes
Céline Butté Yes
Chin-Lien Hsu Yes
Chloe Woodhouse Yes
Christina Argyropoulou Yes
Christina Cockett Yes
Christopher Buckley Yes
Claire Burrell Yes
Claire Perriam Yes
Claire Schaub-Moore Yes
Clare Osbond Yes
Dagmara Rosiecka Yes
Daniella Budd Yes
Displaying 31–60 of 283  1 2 3 4 9 10

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