List of registered professionals (RDMPs)

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Currently practising

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Last name First name  Practicing Professional Register
Worth Ruby Yes Private, RDMP
Mussi-Braojos Rosa Yes Private, RDMP
Wilson Robina Yes RDMP
Coaten Richard Yes RDMP
Wilson Green Rebecca Yes RDMP
Bijlani Rashi Yes RDMP
Hogg Rachel Yes RDMP
Michael Rachel Yes RDMP
Stonard Rachael-Louise Yes RDMP
Brown Penny Yes RDMP
Best Penelope Yes Private, Supervisor, RDMP
Sayhi Pauline Yes RDMP
Grech Paula Yes Private, RDMP
Ricketts Paul V Yes Private, Supervisor, RDMP
O'Connor Orla Siobhan Maura Yes RDMP
Del Real Iglesias Nuria Yes RDMP
Nagle Nuala Yes RDMP
Cattez Noémie Yes RDMP
Papadopoulos Nina Yes Private, Supervisor, RDMP
Stan Nicoleta Yes RDMP
Smith Nicole Yes RDMP
Chan Nga Shan Yes RDMP
Sackey Natasha Yes Private, RDMP
Mason Natalie Yes RDMP
Wilson Natalie Yes RDMP
Engelkamp Nygaard Naomi Yes RDMP
Manjunath Nandini Yes RDMP
Ptasinska Monika Yes RDMP
Celebi Monika Yes Private, Supervisor, RDMP
Schauble Mira Yes RDMP
Displaying 61–90 of 275  1 2 3 4 5 9 10


The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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