Dance Movement Psychotherapy Research

DMP is a research informed practice. Research holds an important place within DMP and occurs at different levels within this practice. For example, research allows the DMP clinician to inform their practice and evaluate the processes and outcomes of their work. Research can also be undertaken to further the profession by looking at new areas within the profession and through dissemination of research findings through conference presentations and publications. Topics of DMP research can include for example, evaluation and effectiveness of clinical practice; the client/therapist relationship; the place of DMP within a particular cultural frame; clients’ perception of the DMP process. Research studies in the field use a variety of methodologies including qualitative, quantitative, mixed method, and arts-based approaches.


Please see the recent Research & NICE page for the most up to date information on current research opportunities for 2017


The Professional Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

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