Joining the Research Register

ADMP has collated a Research Register, which allows you to search for research studies that have been undertaken by DMPs over the last thirty years, since the founding of ADMP. Please note this research register does not include MA and MSc dissertations or uncompleted research.

ADMP is always looking to include new completed published or unpublished research projects within the database. These can use qualitative, quantitative or mixed methodologies. Please see below for research that can be included:

  • Small-scale or pilot studies
  • MPhil and PhD research
  • Other independent research projects

The criteria for inclusion in the database is:

  1. The researcher is a UK based current or past member of ADMP
  2. The research has clearly defined overall aims, objectives, research questions and/or hypotheses
  3. There is clearly identified and described methodology and analysis of data for the research
  4. The research contributes to knowledge or new understanding of DMP
  5. There is evidence in support of all claims made and conclusions drawn

If you are interested in being included in the Research Register please complete the ResearchRegisterForm and return to:


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