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Entry into the profession is through the successful completion of a Masters Degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. DMP programmes are structured to enable learning through experiential, interactive, creative modalities alongside didactic learning. Trainings include clinical placements that are supervised within a theoretical and movement based model. All trainings encompass experiential groups, movement observation and movement analysis. All trainees must be registered with ADMP throughout their training and registration.

In order to be considered for Professional Training as a DMP it is necessary to have had the following experience:

a) An undergraduate degree in relevant field of study, or an equivalent professional qualification, or extensive experience in a related field

b) Continuous experience of at least one dance or movement form for a period of two years and exposure to, and experience of, a variety of dance and movement forms.

c) An ability to improvise, relate, and communicate through movement in solo, dyadic and group interaction in addition to an ability to use movement symbolically and expressively

d) At least one year's relevant practical work experience (voluntary or paid) in settings with vulnerable individuals for a minimum of 200 hours.

e) Personal qualities required are:  maturity and psychological robustness commensurate with training as a therapist; self-awareness and ability for self-reflection; commitment to self-development; ability to critically reflect, analyse and evaluate; ability to self-motivate; empathy, sensitivity and awareness in relation to others.

There are currently three post-graduate DMP training programmes in the UK, all of which are recognised by ADMP UK. These courses are located in Derby, and two in London.



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